Torche Release Rankings

Ahead of their upcoming album Admission (out Friday July 12th via Relapse Records), I have decided to rank all of Torche’s previous albums/EPs. Let us know what your favorite Torche album is, and look out for our review of Admission.

6. In Return (2007)

Featuring artwork by Baroness’ John Dyer Baizley, this EP contains some of Torche’s most sinister, doomy work.

Best Tracks: Tarpit Carnivore, Bring Me Home, Rule the Beast, In Return

5. Restarter (2015)

After some of Torche’s most upbeat releases, Restarter marks a partial return to Torche’s more sludge and doom leanings, which are enhanced by Kurt Ballou’s production work.

Best Tracks: Minions, Annihilation Affair, Blasted, Barrier Hammer

4. Torche (2005)

As it is their debut, Torche’s self-titled album is their rawest in terms of production, energy, and vocals. But embrace these aspects and you’ll find some true gems and great experimentation.

Best Tracks: Charge of the Brown Recluse, Safe, Vampyro, Rockit, The Last Word

3. Harmonicraft (2012)

“Never judge a book by its cover,” sure, but this album’s art best depicts its sound. Harmonicraft contains some of Torche’s best pop-sludge anthems.

Best Tracks: Sky Trials, Kicking, Snakes Are Charmed, Reverse Inverted, Hidden Track

2. Songs for Singles (2010)

Torche’s only release to date as a three-piece, Songs for Singles delivers on what its title promises – a collection of Torche’s poppiest songs.

Best Tracks: U.F.O., Hideaway, Out Again, Arrowhead, Face the Wall

1. Meanderthal (2008)

Here we go! Torche’s best release so far. All of the songs flow seemlessly into one another, and Torche fire on all cylinders to make the most out of Meanderthal‘s 36 minute run time. If you’re unfamiliar with Torche, this album is probably the best starting point.

Best Tracks: Across the Shields, Sundown, Healer, Triumph of Venus, Speed of the Nail, Piraña

So there you have it – we’re excited to see how Admission stacks up against Torche’s excellent back catalouge!

– A.

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