The Espresso: Los Volks

The Espresso: An ICYMI on Los Volks’ self-titled album

Brazilian indie rock band Los Volks released their self-titled album back in March. There’s a chill vibe throughout the album, but the lyrics hold a lot of emotional depth. The album is themed around the transition to adulthood, and the trials and tribulations that we’ve all experience during that time.

I always appreciate bands with multiple vocalists, and the dual male/female voices do this album a lot of favors. The instrumentation is rounded out nicely; the band brings in guest keyboardists, and a few great guitar solos like on “Cigana”. The songs are very well written, with most being attributable to singer/guitarist Pablo Mello. To top things off, the production is crisp and the instrumentation is well balanced. Bassist Isabella Ara├║jo stands loud and proud on songs like “Turquesa”. The closer “Santa Barbara” summarizes the emotional weight of the album with an explosive vocal performance from Carolyn Areias.

Overall, this is a solid album if you are looking for an entry point into the Brazilian indie scene. Los Volk’s self-titled album is out now via Sagitta Records.

Listen to Los Volks here.

Best Tracks: Santa Barbara, Transmutar, Turquesa, Tarde de Domingo

– A.

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