The Espresso: Los Volks

The Espresso: An ICYMI on Los Volks’ self-titled album

Brazilian indie rock band Los Volks released their self-titled album back in March. There’s a chill vibe throughout the album, but the lyrics hold a lot of emotional depth. The album is themed around the transition to adulthood, and the trials and tribulations that we’ve all experience during that time.

I always appreciate bands with multiple vocalists, and the dual male/female voices do this album a lot of favors. The instrumentation is rounded out nicely; the band brings in guest keyboardists, and a few great guitar solos like on “Cigana”. The songs are very well written, with most being attributable to singer/guitarist Pablo Mello. To top things off, the production is crisp and the instrumentation is well balanced. Bassist Isabella Araújo stands loud and proud on songs like “Turquesa”. The closer “Santa Barbara” summarizes the emotional weight of the album with an explosive vocal performance from Carolyn Areias.

Overall, this is a solid album if you are looking for an entry point into the Brazilian indie scene. Los Volk’s self-titled album is out now via Sagitta Records.

Listen to Los Volks here.

Best Tracks: Santa Barbara, Transmutar, Turquesa, Tarde de Domingo

– A.

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