The Espresso: Molly & The Krells

The Espresso: a quick review of Molly & The Krells new single “What Went Wrong”

Between Spanish Love Songs’ coronation as underground kings and Green Day’s, um… thing, pop punk had an interesting release day last Friday. But there’s a single that you may have missed amdist all the excitement. That would be Molly & The Krells’ latest song “What Went Wrong”.

Molly & The Krells are a punk rock band from Sydney, Australia who love a good vocal melody. Whether it’s the verses, the bubblegum choruses, or the bridge, everything is very catchy. That is, catchy but not nauseating, thanks to the vocal performance. Singer/bassist Blake Cateris is the perfect man for the job. As someone who’s not massively into pop punk, I can appreciate that his vocals have a lot of character but aren’t whiny or over-earnest.

Everything instrumentally falls into place pretty nicely. The guitars weave in melodies throughout the song, culminating with a shred part in the last go-around of the chorus. The drumming is consistently hard-hitting, and the fills go off in all the right spots. The only thing holding me back from fully getting into this is the lyrics. They feel a little petty, and I can’t make heads or tails of the ultra-specific bridge. But still, I’m a net positive on this song.

You can catch Molly & The Krells on their upcoming East Coast tour of Australia in February and March.

“What Went Wrong” can be found here:

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