The Espresso: a quick review of The Keystones’ new single “WLVS”

Despite the name, The Keystones are not from Pennsylvania, rather, they’re a garage rock band from Waukesha, Wisconsin. They’re preparing for a Spring EP list, and have a new single “WLVS” coming out February 24th.

The song’s main riff is killer. You could almost mistake it for a Rage Against the Machine riff, but it’s used in a more alt rock setting. The guitars and bass sound great, using a healthy dose of fuzz. The kick drum flares throughout are really tasty too. Hell, you could almost call this a stoner rock song. There’s a lot of swagger to the vocals, and the melodies are very engaging. I do wish there was a separate bridge part to this song, rather than just a repurposed chorus in the middle of the song. It’s a short song, but a chage in melody would’ve made the final chorus more impactful. Also, no one needs to use the word “baby” in a rock song in 2020. However, it’s a fun track, and The Keystones end on a high note by laying hard into the outro riffage.

The Keystones’ new single “WLVS” is out Monday, February 24th. Keep an eye out for their new EP too in the Spring.

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