The Espresso – a quick review of In Earnest’s debut single “Put Me Under”

One thing that I’ve really enjoyed about operating Burnt Coffee HQ is the amount of stellar debuts we’ve seen come across the desks of our caffeinated enterprise. If it weren’t for this site, I may have missed out on several great new bands. The latest comes in the form of a debut single from In Earnest, an indie band from Southend-on-Sea.

On their first single “Put Me Under”, In Earnest offers a refreshing approach to songwriting. Rather than using a traditional verse-chorus structure, the song can be broken down into three parts: a building series of verses, a tranquil guitar solo, and a monumental chorus. Rather than going in order let me just cut to the chase – that chorus is AMAZING! The melody and the layered harmonies are breathtaking. The band skillfully crafted this chorus to give you chills, and everything else builds perfectly to this moment. Soft instrumentation is added incrementally to the verses to ease you into a state of awe. The guitar solo is a nice touch too – the guitar tone gives off a calm, yet almost eerie vibe. Lyrically the song deals with single Sarah Holburn’s battles with chronic anxiety and depression. She doesn’t mince words either, directly and specifically addressing her experiences through her impassioned vocals. It’s a really touching song for such a weighty subject.

This is an incredibly strong start! “Put Me Under” is just the first single from the band’s upcoming debut EP – I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us. 

In Earnest’s debut single “Put Me Under” comes out Sunday 4/17 via Neat Siren.

In Earnest can be found on:

| Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Band Website |

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