The Espresso: Bitch Falcon

The Espresso: a quick review of Bitch Falcon’s new single “Gaslight”

Irish dream-grunge trio Bitch Falcon have just released a new single! If that string of words piqued your interest as much as it did mine when I came across this in Burnt Coffee Inc.’s virtual mailroom, then you’re in for a treat.

I don’t know if I’ve seen the term “dream-grunge” thrown around before, but it’s a perfect descriptor for Bitch Falcon’s newest song “Gaslight”. This single comes just after the band signed to Small Pond Records – perhaps a hint of what’s to come with this pairing. Despite their incredibly memorable band name, I was not familiar with Bitch Falcon until I saw the press release, but now I am glad to become more familiar with their work! 

“Gaslight” plays up the best aspects of both grunge and shoegaze/dream pop, but without relying too heavily on the tropes of either. The “grunge” portion mainly refers to their guitar and bass tones and hard-hitting drums. The grunge influence is apparent, but the band is far from sounding like a Nirvana or AiC knockoff. They meld this style perfectly with the layered vocal harmonies and chord choices that make up the dream pop portion of the equation. However, guitarist/singer Lizzie Fitzpatrick’s approach to vocals strays from the standard employed by pedal-collectors and sneaker-gazers. Rather than opting for a soft whisper, she shows off her vocal power and control with haunting yet catchy melodies. The song is very dynamic – the band takes enough turns in the song’s three and a half minutes to keep things interesting, but they never veer too far off course.

Bitch Falcon have a really cool single here, and they have earned themselves a new fan! If you’re at all into the shoegazey, sludgy, and fuzzy corners of rock I often blabber on about here, you’ll dig “Gaslight” too!

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– A.

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