The Espresso: Waxing Crescent

The Espresso: a quick review of Waxing Crescent’s new single “Theogony”

Ok I’ll admit, I’m pretty late on this one. I think another *waxing crescent* phase passed between when I was supposed to post this review and now. If you weren’t already clued in by the review title or that bad joke, this latest edition of The Espresso is all about Waxing Crescent’s new single “Theogony”.

The song starts off very pretty, almost Opethian, before diving into full progressive death metal fury. The riffs are sharp and jagged, in part due to the wicked bass tone. Vocalist and project mastermind Oleksii Spitsyn covers a ton of ground through the song’s five and a half minutes, sounding like a combination of Gojira’s Joe Duplantier, Cynic’s Paul Masvidal, and even Chester Bennington. The track takes a number of different turns, but they never feel egregious. Everything builds to this grand, half-time outro that’s larger than life.

Overall this is a solid, incredibly hooky single that succeeds both as a standalone song and in building curiosity for what may come during the next *waxing crescent* phase. It’s an exciting single for sure, and apparently there’s more coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

“Theogony” was released on July 10th. You can follow Waxing Crescent at the links below:

| Spotify | Instagram | Facebook |

FFO: Gojira, Cynic, Obscura

– A.

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