The Espresso: in earnest – “29”

The Espresso – a quick review of in earnest‘s new single “29”

It’s everyone’s favorite sporadically recurring segment – The Espresso! We’re back and revisiting the subject of a previous Espresso, in earnest. Last time I reviewed the Southend-on-Sea indie band’s debut single “Put Me Under” and gave it a glowing review. This time I’ll be discussing their third single “29” and yeah, this is gonna be another positive review!

Continuing with the theme of their previous singles, the song’s lyrics are deeply personal. Tom Eatherton, one of the band’s two vocalists, takes the lead here, singing lines about vivid childhood memories and the depressing march of time. His reflective lyrics are accompanied by a shimmery electric guitar and a brilliant, ever-changing string arrangement. Co-vocalist Sarah Holburn provides octave vocals in the second verse and harmonies in subsequent choruses. These choices in vocal arrangement accentuate the lyrics excellently.

Similar to “Put Me Under”, the song ends with an emotional crescendo, as Eatherton ups the octave vocally. The juxtaposition between the emotional vocal performance and the song’s most mundane lyric (“Stacking cutlery on my birthday”) plays wonderfully. All three singles have a similar impact emotionally, but sonically they are distinct enough takes on indie pop to show the band’s true potential. If you liked these three tracks, in earnest‘s self-titled EP will have three additional tracks to get excited for!

in earnest‘s new single “29” comes out September 9th. Their self-titled debut EP in earnest will be released on October 7th.

In Earnest can be found on:

| Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Band Website |

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