Daufødt – 1000 Island Review

Too often in hardcore, a full length record is plagued by either a flatline of energy where each song sounds like the last, leaving little to be explored, or misguided attempts at something new, stripping the artist of their edge. Oslo hardcore outfit Daufødt manages so avoid both with their furious debut full length 1000 ISLAND. From the first urgent call out from vocalist Annika Linn Verdal Homme the record takes off at full speed and launches into a traditional hardcore punk push vibe certain to fire up audiences or win over stubborn gatekeepers. While there’s plenty of homage to traditional 80’s and 90’s hardcore and powerviolence throughout the tracklist to keep the push moshers and 2 steppers happy and energized, 1000 ISLAND manages to makes some bold and artistic steps to pry open a listener’s ears and force them to consider the boundaries of what hardcore songwriting and production can do. 

Tracks like “Ingenmannsland” kick off with a dance punk attitude with bouncy riffs, juxtaposing the fury of the vocal delivery. While refusing to step off the gas, the party vibes in Ingenmannsland and the manic panic chord bracketing in “Gitar Hero” provide some high energy dynamic in a record that could have easily been stagnated with power chord heavy hardcore. The high point of a risk taking payoff for me came in with the track “Den Hurtigste Af 200 Millioner Saedceller” where the production on a simple break was apparently slowed and down tuned as a result, giving us an almost bone crunching deathcore sludginess but with a more honest unhinged vocal than seen in the genre’s usual technical deep growls. 

The second half of the record after “Den Hurtigste” keeps the energy vicious with a little more showcase on the guitar work. Tracks like “Forbudte Frukter” bring melodic major key riffs weaving on top of unrelenting hardcore pounding, while late record pieces like “Sammen er vi Daufot” and “KULTURARVEN” deliver a Converge reminiscent frenzy of pure anger.

I was on the edge of my seat and fired up throughout the entire listen and the end result was a second listen while yearning for a live experience of the band. Through the succinct classic punk and hardcore drums driving the tracks and the emotionally rallying furious vocals this record had me instinctively imagining 2-stepping, picking up change, and piling on all throughout the experience.  

Daufødt’s debut album was released on September 18th via Fysisk Format.

STAND OUT TRACKS: Feil, Gitar Hero, Den Hurtigste Af 200 Millioner Saedceller, KULTURARVEN

– Henry Navarre      

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