Single Premiere: “Constable” by Conduit

Today is a day of firsts! Not only is this Burnt Coffee Reviews’ first premiere, but this single also comes to us from Sleeping Village Records’ first entry in a series of 2-track split releases. Here at Burnt Coffee Inc. we are happy to serve up the second track from that split: “Constable” by Conduit.

Conduit are a four-piece band from New Hampshire who play a mix of progressive and alternative metal. Their latest single is a 10-minute voyage further into the depths of this combination. I can (and will) go on, but I’ll let you get to the track first – shall we?

As you can hear above, the Tool influence is strong with this band. The guitar tone especially has an Adam Jonesian quality to it – just listen to that acidic wah! In true prog fashion, the guitar lines are interwoven with polyrhythmic basslines. The bass really helps build momentum, as “Constable” is a slow but masterful build. 

The vocals reach their apex at the 3:30 mark, taking the chorus up an octave and cranking the intensity to the max. Shortly after that, the band really hits their stride at 4:47, where the guitar solo goes full psychedelic and the wah bass bulldozes onward. Given the 4/4 time signature, the drummer could have had a moment of rest here after having to count out various time signature changes (that this writer was too lazy to figure out). Instead, however, he goes extra hard on the kit, making this moment the song’s highlight.

There is, of course, still half the song left after this moment. Conduit makes good use of time, further evolving the song. Everything leads to one more climactic moment, where both the vocal and instrumental intensity peaks once again for a powerful final chorus.

“Constable” is an excellent track, and it pairs well with Conduit‘s split-mates Dust Prophet (whose single “Down Below” was premiered courtesy of our friends Alternative Control). I hope you’ve enjoyed both tracks – keep your eyes peeled for what Sleeping Village has next in their 2-track split series!

Dust Prophet / ConduitSplit will be released digitally and available for NYOP on November 20th via Sleeping Village Records’ Bandcamp.

Conduit Links:

| Instagram | Facebook | Spotify |

Sleeping Village Links:

| Website | Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter |

– Alex

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