The Espresso: Calibre – “… From the Abyss”

The Espresso – a quick review of Calibre’s new single “…From the Abyss”

After releasing their debut The Storm Inside in 2019, Iran’s Calibre are back, but in a different form. Not only have they undergone some lineup changes, but they’ve also gone further down the melodic direction of their brand of melodic metalcore with this latest single “…From the Abyss”.

The song is the band’s first ballad, telling the story of someone who’s lost the love of their life and blaming themselves for this loss. Calibre are never comfortable staying put; no two verses sound alike in this song. Their distinct musical excursions pay off well in this song, as the gradual shifts in dynamics result in an engaging listen. The contrasting sections of the song also allow for singer Amin Yahyazadeh to flex his vocal prowess. He has an impressive range, and is equally skilled in delivering clean and harsh vocals. This, combined with the band’s expert arrangement skills, makes for a killer track!

This is where I have to admit my bias – I’m not the biggest fan of this style of metalcore. That’s nothing the band can help of course, plus the arrangement and musicianship are still top notch. If you are into this style of melodic metalcore, you’ll probably dig Calibre. Naturally, I’m less keen on the sappier parts, and more drawn to the heavier bits (especially that pulled riff at the 2:52 mark and subsequent solo that almost sounds like Crowbar).

Personal tastes aside, Calibre have successfully brought out their softer side! It’s pretty impressive, as is their ability to make splashes on Spotify and Kerrang despite Spotify not being available in their home country. This detour into balladry makes me curious as to what’s in store next for Calibre!

Calibre‘s new single “…From the Abyss” was released on January 8th.

Calibre can be found on:

| Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify |

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– Alex

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