Single Premiere: “To the Uninitiated” by aortaproject

Today for something completely different, we’re happy to be premiering “To the Uninitiated”, the latest single from aortaproject! Based in Texas, aortaproject was founded by producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Steven Sheffield. For this track, Sheffield brought in the stunning vocal stylings of Allanah Jackson (aka Imitara). “To the Uninitiated” will be available for Bandcamp Friday this week, but you can get an exclusive early listen here:

“To the Uninitiated” is a fascinating blend of dark and alternative electronic music. The song features driving beats and acidic, punchy deep bass. These elements go through several transmutations throughout the song’s four and a half minutes, but every change is pulled off seamlessly. While the drums and bass synth are the most prominent elements instrumentally, multiple listens unveil all the hidden intricacies Sheffield has baked into the track. The fact that he’s able to pull out a song that’s both instantaneously addictive and meticulously layered is nothing short of amazing. “To the Uninitiated” is easily one of the most catchy songs you’ll hear this whole month!

Before reading about the guest vocals in the promo materials, I honestly thought the vocals were sampled from some pop song – they’re just that good! Seriously, Imitara’s voice is on another level. She sounds equally capable of becoming a pop sensation and a rock star. Her singing complements Sheffield’s instrumentation perfectly, as she matches the changes in mood and dynamics with ease.

This was my first foray into aortaproject, but after this absolute banger of a track, I’m definitely gonna have to check out more from both aortaproject and Imitara – and I think you will as well!

aortaproject‘s new single “To the Uninitiated” will be available for this upcoming Bandcamp Friday (March 5th).

aortaproject can be found on:

| Bandcamp | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud |

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