Eternal Storm – Come the Tide Review

When you think of death metal, "beautiful" probably isn't the first word that comes to mind. Yet that is the best one-word description of the debut album from Spain's Eternal Storm. Come the Tide is an atmospheric, melodic death metal masterpiece that unearths beauty through devastation. The band doesn't beat around the bush, starting their … Continue reading Eternal Storm – Come the Tide Review

Astrid S – Trust Issues Review

Astrid S first caught attention with her hit single “Breathe” in 2017; a catchy pop song that borders on the EDM spectrum of music.  With “Breathe”, Astrid S offered top-shelf production, great vocals that hardly seem overly manufactured in production / auto-tuned if at all, and lyric writing at a higher level than the typical … Continue reading Astrid S – Trust Issues Review

Iron & Wine/Calexico – Years to Burn Review

In Years to Burn, Iron & Wine and Calexico team up for their second collaboration since 2005.  With 14 years between projects, expectations were bound to be fairly high from fans of both artists.  Years to Burn adequately meets those expectations and provides something that is familiar from the artists’ styles, but is advanced upon … Continue reading Iron & Wine/Calexico – Years to Burn Review