Kanawha – The Sky Was The First To Fall Review

While a good portion of my reviews lean toward the fuzzy and riff-laden corner of the rock/metal spectrum, I don't think I've actually covered a straight-up hard rock album yet. Well not until now anyways. Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Kanawha barrelled their way past the armed guards of Burnt Coffee HQ to present us with … Continue reading Kanawha – The Sky Was The First To Fall Review

Elder – Omens Review

Elder are among the pantheon of stoner/doom bands such as Khemmis, Pallbearer, YOB, and Spirit Adrift who've achieved critical acclaim and risen above and beyond the ranks of their subgenre ilk. Where Elder separate themselves further, however, is the loosening of their stoner/doom ties on their latest album Omens. Elder have always been the proggiest … Continue reading Elder – Omens Review

Graveir – King of the Silent World Review

When you think "black metal," Australia may not be the first place that comes to mind. But like that Snorlax album I reviewed earlier this year, the land Down Under has its fair share of blackened greatness. The latest installment comes from Graveir, a five-piece from Melbourne, with their new album King of the Silent … Continue reading Graveir – King of the Silent World Review