Glowbug – The Bumblebee King Review

The Bumblebee King is the seventh full length record from LA pop artist Glowbug. This solo project from Daniel Anderson first crossed my path with the scorching track “Live From Hell”, which blended hooky pop mentalities with nods to piercing blackened death metal in the vocals. The thing about this blend that really grabbed me … Continue reading Glowbug – The Bumblebee King Review

Graveir – King of the Silent World Review

When you think "black metal," Australia may not be the first place that comes to mind. But like that Snorlax album I reviewed earlier this year, the land Down Under has its fair share of blackened greatness. The latest installment comes from Graveir, a five-piece from Melbourne, with their new album King of the Silent … Continue reading Graveir – King of the Silent World Review

Netherbird – Into The Vast Uncharted Review

(releases September 27th) Metal often gets ridiculed for its excess of subgenre descriptors, but how else would you label a band like Netherbird? The Swedish band plays an eclectic brand of melodic blackened death metal. For their fifth album, Into The Vast Uncharted, the band has added former Amon Amarth drummer Fredrik Andersson into the … Continue reading Netherbird – Into The Vast Uncharted Review