2020 EPs of the Year – The Editor’s Picks

Before I go into my albums of the year, I wanted to give the often overlooked format of the EP the love it deserves. I tried to keep this list to a Top 10, but narrowing it down was difficult, so I've added 10 more honorable mentions - check 'em out! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4VcDLGmAxL7xB4b0dVSgsR?si=KI66Gh7sSfm6SAQ4gt16vA Honorable Mentions (in … Continue reading 2020 EPs of the Year – The Editor’s Picks

2020 AOTY list by Jason (Breaths/CHNNLR)

To kick off Burnt Coffee Reviews' round of end-of-year lists we've asked Jason Roberts of the new one-man project Breaths to give us his favorite albums of 2020. You may recognize Jason from his other project CHNNLR, but if you aren't familiar with either band I highly recommend checking out both. Breaths' debut album Lined … Continue reading 2020 AOTY list by Jason (Breaths/CHNNLR)