Gatecreeper – An Unexpected Reality EP Review

In their latest release Gatecreeper proved for once and for all that quality does not in fact equal quantity. In just under 18 minutes the Arizona death metal outfit manages to unleash some of the best hardcore-tinged death metal around. Sporting a track lineup with only one song over 1:30, An Unexpected Reality scorches through … Continue reading Gatecreeper – An Unexpected Reality EP Review

The Espresso: Waxing Crescent

The Espresso: a quick review of Waxing Crescent's new single "Theogony" Ok I'll admit, I'm pretty late on this one. I think another *waxing crescent* phase passed between when I was supposed to post this review and now. If you weren't already clued in by the review title or that bad joke, this latest … Continue reading The Espresso: Waxing Crescent

Neck of the Woods – The Annex of Ire Review

"Progressive metal" can be a loaded term. On one end, you could be in for some engaging, envelope-pushing music. On the other, you'd be hearing dudes with gauged ears ripping off Meshuggah and Tesseract. While I can't speak to the state of Vancouver band Neck of the Woods' ear piercings, I can say their new … Continue reading Neck of the Woods – The Annex of Ire Review