Glowbug – The Bumblebee King Review

The Bumblebee King is the seventh full length record from LA pop artist Glowbug. This solo project from Daniel Anderson first crossed my path with the scorching track “Live From Hell”, which blended hooky pop mentalities with nods to piercing blackened death metal in the vocals. The thing about this blend that really grabbed me … Continue reading Glowbug – The Bumblebee King Review

Single Premiere: “To the Uninitiated” by aortaproject

Today for something completely different, we’re happy to be premiering “To the Uninitiated'', the latest single from aortaproject! Based in Texas, aortaproject was founded by producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Steven Sheffield. For this track, Sheffield brought in the stunning vocal stylings of Allanah Jackson (aka Imitara). “To the Uninitiated'' will be available for Bandcamp Friday … Continue reading Single Premiere: “To the Uninitiated” by aortaproject

Luwten – Door EP Review

There’s a certain comfort that comes with delirium. You know, one of those nights where you stay up too late bullshitting, fighting the temptation to fall asleep but for no real reason. There’s something very haunting yet freeing about being left alone, half-awake with your thoughts. Luwten’s latest EP Door embodies this feeling sonically. reading Luwten – Door EP Review