Track Premiere: “Invisible Parasite” by VANTA

While Burnt Coffee HQ has sort of taken a corporate retreat for the summer, I'm always happy to drop by once in a while to bring you something special. So that's exactly what I'm doing today - below you can get an early listen to Budapest duo VANTA's new song "Invisible Parasite". The track can … Continue reading Track Premiere: “Invisible Parasite” by VANTA

Egor Lappo – Trancevoicer Review

Overall, I’m floored by Trancevoicer. This album perfectly blends the grandiose eccentricities of prog with the concise and pointed songwriting of pop. If you love prog, you’re not gonna want to miss this album. If you hate prog, you’ll probably like this album even more! Trancevoicer is definitely a crowd pleaser, yet it still maintains the integrity, originality, and quality any music nerd seeks in a new album.

Single Premiere: “Constable” by Conduit

Today is a day of firsts! Not only is this Burnt Coffee Reviews' first premiere, but this single also comes to us from Sleeping Village Records' first entry in a series of 2-track split releases. Here at Burnt Coffee Inc. we are happy to serve up the second track from that split: "Constable" by Conduit. … Continue reading Single Premiere: “Constable” by Conduit