Comatose – A Way Back Review

It seems not too long ago I reviewed Bitch Falcon's debut album, something that could be best described as "dream-grunge." Well now I'm back with another debut review for an album that's being described as "grungrgaze". It's a fairly different sound from Bitch Falcon, but I'm happy to report that Comatose's debut album A Way … Continue reading Comatose – A Way Back Review

Jason Bieler and the Baron von Bielski Orchestra – Songs For The Apocalypse Review

Normally I start these reviews off with some witty paragraph before introducing the album in question. However, when going through the promo materials for this one, I was struck by a quote from the artist himself that does this new album far more justice than I ever could. When asked about the new record Songs … Continue reading Jason Bieler and the Baron von Bielski Orchestra – Songs For The Apocalypse Review

Bitch Falcon – Staring at Clocks Review

It starts with a harrowing screech. The bone-chilling battle cry of a bird of prey. The first few seconds of guitar feedback on this debut let you know one thing: the Bitch Falcon has landed. Staring at Clocks is the debut album of Dublin trio Bitch Falcon, who has aptly been described as a "dream-grunge" … Continue reading Bitch Falcon – Staring at Clocks Review

War On TV – War On TV Review

From the first meandering notes of the opening bass groove melting into the guitar line, it seems that War On TV is attempting to craft something unique and contemporary while embracing the spirit of the mid-nineties. The eponymous release conjures aromas of Soundgarden, American Football, and Coheed and Cambria but has no intent of being … Continue reading War On TV – War On TV Review

Daufødt – 1000 Island Review

Too often in hardcore, a full length record is plagued by either a flatline of energy where each song sounds like the last, leaving little to be explored, or misguided attempts at something new, stripping the artist of their edge. Oslo hardcore outfit Daufødt manages so avoid both with their furious debut full length 1000 … Continue reading Daufødt – 1000 Island Review