Cyttorak / Revered and Reviled Above All Others Split EP Review

Cyttorak / Revered and Reviled Above All Others Split EP Review Revered and reviewed above all others, Sleeping Village Records is BACK with their second split. This time the Villagers are riled up with their heaviest release yet - a split between Cyttorak and Revered and Reviled Above All Others (RRAAO). Both bands are coming … Continue reading Cyttorak / Revered and Reviled Above All Others Split EP Review

Crazy Frog – Crazy Hits Review

Ah, 2005. The United States was knee-deep in its war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, Deuce Bigalow ravaged Europe, and I was unleashing unforetold damage to my mental-wellbeing by playing some fucked up game on AddictingGames in computer class. Serving as a backdrop to this wonderful era of history was the critically eye-rolled Crazy Hits by none other than ringtone sensation Crazy Frog himself.

Daufødt – 1000 Island Review

Too often in hardcore, a full length record is plagued by either a flatline of energy where each song sounds like the last, leaving little to be explored, or misguided attempts at something new, stripping the artist of their edge. Oslo hardcore outfit Daufødt manages so avoid both with their furious debut full length 1000 … Continue reading Daufødt – 1000 Island Review

The Espresso – a quick review of In Earnest’s debut single “Put Me Under”

One thing that I've really enjoyed about operating Burnt Coffee HQ is the amount of stellar debuts we've seen come across the desks of our caffeinated enterprise. If it weren't for this site, I may have missed out on several great new bands. The latest comes in the form of a debut single from In … Continue reading The Espresso – a quick review of In Earnest’s debut single “Put Me Under”

Waxahatchee – Saint Cloud Review

Katie Crutchfield, a.k.a Waxahatchee, brings us a serious Album of the Year contender with her latest project, Saint Cloud.  In her most stripped-down work to date, Crutchfield takes influences from folk, country, and Americana to create a refreshing expansion to her sound. The lyrics throughout Saint Cloud offer vivid imagery of open fields, big sky, … Continue reading Waxahatchee – Saint Cloud Review

Iron & Wine/Calexico – Years to Burn Review

In Years to Burn, Iron & Wine and Calexico team up for their second collaboration since 2005.  With 14 years between projects, expectations were bound to be fairly high from fans of both artists.  Years to Burn adequately meets those expectations and provides something that is familiar from the artists’ styles, but is advanced upon … Continue reading Iron & Wine/Calexico – Years to Burn Review

Weezer – Black Album Review

Wowee, everyone - This is a bad one! Weezer’s Black Album is another chapter in the band’s nosedive into lousy music.  The Black Album follows Pacific Daydream, the band’s last project of original music.  Pacific Daydream was completely devoid of any real power behind its tracks, amounting to a very bland and very safe record. … Continue reading Weezer – Black Album Review